The Swedish Club

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The Swedish Club, established in 1872, is a leading marine mutual
insurer, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and with offices in
some of the world’s strategic shipping centres.


Actionable Training

Capacity building through case based learning.

Knowledge Check

Tests and quizzes to assess understanding of the course.

Premium Material

Innovative course packages to deliver skills training.

Our Courses

We offer our members training courses to contribute to an enhanced marine safety culture.

Marine Insurance Course (MIC)

The Marine Insurance Course (MIC) covers the important aspects of marine insurance, ranging from terms and conditions to the practical handling of claims and loss prevention.

Emergency Response Training

The Swedish Club’s Emergency Response Training simulates reality, helping you become better at emergencies before they happen.

Monthly Safety Scenario

Check our Monthly Safety Scenario and use the cases 

Feedback from previous participants

I learned a lot during the MIC and I will probably use each and every tool you gave me. Please relay my thousands of thanks to all of your amazing team in Gothenburg, and I do hope to see you someday somewhere, for as you perfectly said, I have real friends that I have just met.
Mr. Yossi A. Prital
Being from an engineering background, I was reluctant to get into this topic but the course really changed my attitude entirely. It was really interesting, informative, and well organised. I learned more in a week than I have in a long time.
Mr. Stefanos Donikian